Rob Hatley, BP, London

“We hired Rollapaluza for a corporate community day and were most impressed on all counts. The team were very responsive before the event and listened carefully to understand what we were planning such that they could fit in with us. On the day they were on time, well organised, and most importantly of all, great fun. The day passed off without a hitch. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them.”

 David Sammels, Mayflower Community School, Plymouth

Working in partnership with the chaps at Rollapaluza was easy.  As a new school, all staff and stakeholders felt that our joint event was the highlight of our school year.  Feedback from parents and children can be summed up in three words, exciting, challenging and fun.  Rollapaluza took care of all risk assessments, timings and costings for the day. This freed us to focus our time and attention on delivering a community event that could involve all.  We focused on encouraging stakeholders to keep fit and have fun together.  Rollapaluza also helped us to challenge our gifted and talented children as well as our children with complex communication needs.  The event also gave staff opportunities to plan follow up activities in maths and literacy analysing times and scores of our fastest riders.  We will definitely be hiring the team again and the children cannot wait to spin some more! Thank you Rollapaluza we recommend you to all schools with a creative vision for both improvement and inclusion.

Rosie Tharp, Community Cycling Officer, London Cycling Campaign

I attended a Rollapaluza event at Hampstead School as part of a wider programme of activities to engage young people in cycling. This was by far the most popular, with pupils giving up their lunch hour to race against each other, and turning out en masse to support one another. The competitive element encourages people to try their hardest, but tall and short, boys and girls, fast and slow, everybody gets the chance to get on a bike and give it their best shot making it a truly inclusive activity.

Roger Stocker, Travel Awareness Officer, London Borough of Southwark Council

LB Southwark have hired Rollapaluza to deliver events in Southwark schools over the past 3 to 4 years. All the schools were very enthusiastic about the project and we found it a great way to engage students in cycle awareness and promoting the use of cycling as a transport mode. All the year groups that participated, from year 3 to 11 certainly enjoyed the activities and the friendly support from the Rollapaluza crew added to the fun. At one school after a Rollapaluza session we followed this up with a visit to the Herne Hill velodrome where the students could transfer their roller racing skills onto the track. Rollapaluza is also a good way to encourage children who can’t cycle to try to learn with Bikeability training. We have also used them for community events, both the larger events as well as smaller housing estate festival days. They always attract positive attention and encourage people to ride the bikes even if they haven’t been on one for many years. We also have encouraged people who can’t cycle to try. It has always been well worth using Rollapaluza and we would highly recommend them to others.

Andrew Dade, Cycle Training Services Manager, Cycle Experience

Booking them was easy and they were helpful about what I needed to do, what type of venue to hire – they even came down to check things in the weeks beforehand. We arranged to hold an afternoon in a Caerau primary school for years 5 and 6, followed by an evening event for grown ups in town.

The children loved it, raising the roof in support of their classmates as they raced – and they were quick too! What really impressed me was how accessible the racing was to all the children and, in particular, how competitive it was between the boys and girls. No one had yet told the girls that they couldn’t do it so they just got on and sprinted like crazy. The Rollapaluza crew (Caspar and James) ran the proceedings in a really friendly and professional way – all laces done up and all trousers tucked in! They encouraged everyone to take part and, who knows, maybe the next Cavendish or Pendleton caught the cycle racing bug right there that afternoon. The Head certainly liked the event, seeing it as a special treat to enthuse and motivate the Bike It program of getting more children to cycle to school and acquire lifelong healthy living skills. I also heard later that the computerised results and photos were really appreciated by the children.

So if you want to hold an exciting gender neutral sporting event in your school, where every pupil can race exactly like the Olympic heroes, then book Rollapaluza – it’s fast, fair and fun. Your pupils will remember it fondly for a long time.