School Events

Rollapaluza offer a fantastic gateway into cycling, getting children with little or no riding ability on top quality equipment. In the last year Rollapaluza ran over fifty events in primary and secondary schools.

Rollapaluza aims to promote cycling as a means of transport, a healthy leisure activity and sport to as many people as possible including non- cyclists and people who do not currently participate in physical activity or exercise. We reach out to groups under-represented in the cycling community such as women, children, youths, ethnic groups and people with disabilities. Encouraging them to participate in an activity on the same equipment on which some of the current British Olympic squad, including Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton have raced. Increasing access to cycling for groups where opportunities are limited by income, equipment, skills or information. The events we run provide positive messages supporting the status of cycling to the public. The overriding factor of all our events is the enjoyment of both participants and spectators with a usual 100% participation from each class.


Proposed Schedule

Rollapaluza provide two CRB checked crew to coach students, operate rigs, take photos and results, additionally we require one teacher for each class or group to help. At the beginning of each session, after the groups of children arrive at the classroom or any other suitable inside or outside area where we have set up, Rollapaluza staff brief the group about the equipment and the activity format. We can run the activity at a speed of approximately thirty participants an hour. After the introduction we encourage all the children to have a go and if there is time at the end of the session we run a few finals, where the quickest riders compete against each other to see who is the fastest in the class. In a school environment this activity is suitable for children aged seven, year three and above. Students take it in turn to race against their fellow classmates or individually if preferred. We take their name and record their time on our PC and a time card which we hand to each participant. Our website address is printed on the card so they can view the pictures and times at a later date. Current pop music is played in the background; whilst we oversee the event introducing and commentating on all the participants, staff are asked to cheer-lead and encourage spectating children to do the same. Shortly after the event all results and photos will be uploaded to a password protected web-page hosted at or an event-specific website.



  • A lively and inclusive activity to a backdrop of an MC and Music
  • Flexible, friendly, CRB checked staff
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • One class an hour – thirty children
  • Suitable for year three and above
  • Online photo’s and results can be password protected
  • Large LED timing system
  • Potential to tie the results data into other parts of the curriculum