1.1 The promoters shall cause the roller apparatus to be checked before the start of the racing to ensure it is safe and in proper working order
1.2 Roller rigs should have wheel replacement frames
1.3 Bikes will be provided and should be of identical gear and specification, with identical tyre pressures
1.4 Current Rollapaluza competition gear is 44×14 (84.9″) Rollapaluza records are based on this gear only
1.5 All adult bikes shall be fixed wheel

2.1 The MC’s (commissaires) decision is final
2.2 Each competitor shall be allowed to warm up and to adjust his position on the bike
2.3 For qualification rounds the MC (commissaire) must start the race with a clear and steady “3, 2, 1, GO!” to enable fair qualification times
2.4 In knockout rounds the starter must use the same or similar start phrase but may however, extend or shorten time between each word, in order to test riders reactions
2.5 In the case of i) a false start ii) mechanical mishap to rollers or machines including punctures iii) a fall before 10% of the distance has been covered, a re-start shall be made
2.6 Organisers may at their discretion allow a re-start in other races in circumstances (2) and (3)
2.7 Each competitor is allowed one false start during qualification and one during knockout rounds

3.1 The officials at a Rollapaluza roller-racing meeting shall consist of a Race Captain (timekeeper, starter and commissaire) and at least one racer’s attendant per bike
3.2 The Race Captain and / or timekeeper shall have a central position opposite the roller dials, and free from the audience
3.3 Attendants must be safely attired and, where the organiser requires a special costume, the attendant must comply with the request
3.4 Attendants must behave in a manner that is safe for them and their assigned racer, the attendant must keep area around rig and bikes clear of obstruction whether from clothing, possessions or audience members
3.5 Attendants will ensure their appointed racer is suitably clothed and that that the racers clothes will not foul the machinery of the bike or rig, however ultimate responsibility for this is with the racer
3.6 All racers are to sign on giving, name, address and phone number

4.1 Only events organised or licensed by Rollapaluza ltd may use the name “Rollapaluza” or any derivatives or “sound-a-like” names
4.2 Rollapaluza events must be social and inclusive
4.3 Rollapaluza events must have amplified music to accompany racing either live or recorded
4.4 If alcohol is being sold at a Rollapaluza event children can only be present if accompanied by an adult
4.5 All licensing law and local police requests should be adhered to
4.6 All crew, staff and volunteers should be made aware of emergency procedures before commencement of event
4.7 Other promoters may be entitled to call their events Rollapaluza if all above criteria are met and they have entered a licensing agreement with Rollapaluza Ltd, their results can then be officially recorded on the Rollapaluza website and any records will also be recorded for the Rig used