Rollapaluza attend countless festivals and community events both indoors and outdoors throughout the year. Up to 200 people have taken part in one day and we provide “sideshow” entertainent for many thousands more.

Particularly popular with children (from 7 years up) we provide everything required from rigs and bikes to gazebo, music, crew and insurance.  Results and photos of all particiapants are posted on our website.


We are experienced in providing Corporate events be they for entertainment, promotion of sustainable transport or  exercise for your staff or as part of your CSR programme or for publicity or recruitment events.

We have many extra options availabe to corporate clients including branding and publicity opportunities.


At major cycling events we give the opportunity for the spectator to become a competitor, we have worked at most of the major cycling events in the UK including the Tour de France, Tour of Britain, the Tour Series, Nocturne Series, Revolution Series and the International Good Friday meeting.

We also run Rollapaluza at many other non-cycling sporting and other major events such as music festivals.


Possibly are most satisfying events, we take the full Rollapaluza experience into the class room or Sports Hall with our special stable of Condor bikes suitable for all ages from 7 and upwards.

Participation rates are always over 95% and we can provide various forms of data to tie in with other lessons (Average speed, power, cadence etc). We also have our Social Enterprise “Rollapaluza Outreach” tasked with increasing our schools and community work.