Community and Festival Events


Rollapaluza is a fantastic gateway into cycling, offering children and adults with little or no riding ability the chance to participate in a thrilling, yet safe activity on quality equipment.


Participants ride head-to head on stationary bicycles in short, timed races, to a soundtrack of high-tempo rock and pop music. The noise and excitement levels soar as our expert MCs urge on the racers – and encourage the crowd to do the same – resulting in a uniquely memorable experience for all involved.


Our over-riding aim is to promote cycling as a fun activity by creating safe, well-organised events that participants and spectators will enjoy.


Rollapaluza provides two crew to coach riders, operate rigs, take photos and log results. Our staff briefs the participants about the equipment and the activity before they start racing. Due to the fast pace of our activity, we can run at a rate of about thirty participants an hour. We take each rider’s name and record their time on our PC – and on a timecard that we hand to participant to keep as a memento of their roller racing experience.

  • Safe, fast and furious activity
  • Fully insured
  • MC, DJ and PA available
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Flexible friendly staff
  • Compare your times to Olympic athlete’s
  • Full online results and photos service
  • Large LED timing system



Shortly after the event, all results and photos can be uploaded to a password-protected web page hosted at, or an event-specific website. We are also experienced in taking information from willing participants such as email address, postcode, and age, to help you with follow-up marketing and stakeholder engagement.


In short, Rollapaluza is the ideal ‘plug and play’ activity community events, street festivals and fairs. It offers an exciting way to engage with the public and to them how exciting cycling can be – while promoting health, fitness and sustainable transport.


Riders are given a brief coaching session as their feet are strapped into the pedals of the stationary track bikes. The starter then counts down the seconds ’til they start pedalling: three, two, one… Go! We photograph the competitors throughout the event, and hand each participant a timecard at the end of their race. All race data is recorded on our computer, and during the event the information is updated live on a projector screen for easy viewing of each rider’s time, average speed, cadence (pedal revolutions per minute). Shortly after each event we can deliver the results and photos for your use. We can also post them on our website for the participants to view.


A competition event features a qualification round based on the Have a Go format, followed by a series of head to head finals. Men and women race independently, creating two separate competitions. After the qualification stage, the top four, eight, sixteen or thirty-two riders (depending on the size of the initial field) are taken through to the finals. The riders are called up in pairs and ride head to head in a knockout races – timings no longer matter, you simply have to beat your rival to go through to the next round! It all culminates in a breathtaking race to the finish to see who will be Rollapaluza champions of the day.


For an additional fee we can use customised timecards with your organisation’s branding/logos, and hand out relevant publicity material to all competitors and spectators. We can also provide a flexible data capture service.